Revive the tradition of our ancestors 

and let them live lastingly


is originally from our hometown “Sakon Nakhon” a small town in North-Eastern part of Thailand. We aim to bring our hometown heritage textile call “Pha Kram (Indigo Dyed Textile)” to the world with our contemporary design. We hope our product can be a platform for Pha Kram to be more accessible and improve Era“Era” is a handmade accessories and lifestyle brand, founded in 2013. craft women group’s quality of life. 


We make textile jewelry using indigo and local dyed cotton threads, handwoven cotton textiles, and 18k gold plating over brass hardware. Cotton parts are the key element material for our jewelry. They made from our collaboration with local indigo craft women groups for color and pattern design. Then we assembling each piece meticulously by hand.